KCQ’S found after reading the 2015 Annual Report of Ruralco

  • What does underlying earnings before interest expense, tax and depreciation mean?
  • What is underlying net profit after tax?
  • A survey was undertaken by a new General Manager of People & Culture, Elizabeth Hardaker on an employee engagement survey across the group. The survey was a form of strategy the new general manager used because according to Ruralco their employees are their priority and foundation of their business. However, it would have been better if Ruralco showed information on the survey results. This would have allowed to understand how the employee engagement is in the business. The only brief information in relation to the survey is given on page 12 of the annual report. Is there anyway to find information on this survey?
  • What does non-cash and non-operating items in profit from ordinary activities mean?
  • What does depreciation and amortization mean?
  • What does intangible assets mean?
  • What does biological assets mean?
  • What does derivative financial instruments mean?
  • On page 58 of the annual report it says that the accounting policies applied by the Group in these consolidated financial statements are the same as those applied by he Group in its consolidate financial statements as at and for the year ended 30 September 2014. Doe this mean that there was no change in accounting policy or was there after 30 September 2014?
  • Why does it say on page 59 that the standards and interpretations not yet adopted?
  • What is cash flow hedge reserve?
  • Is it a positive aspect if the total cost or fair value decreases from 42,815 ($’000) in 30 September 2014 and is 39,864 ($’000) on 30 September 2015?
  • What is contingent liability?
  • Why and how had the total non-current liabilities decreased from 2014 to 2015 shown on page 54 of the balance sheet?
  • How important is goodwill in a business?
  • What is amortisation?

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