About My Company

The company that was assigned to me is Ruralco Holdings Limited, which is most commonly known as Ruralco.

Ruralco is an agribusiness and which is well known because it is a leading Australian agribusiness. For those of you who do not know agribusiness is defined as a business which is basically involved in farming or agriculture. The company is actually engaged in the production process of a farm, farm’s equipment and supplies manufacture distribution, process, storage and distribution of farm products (commodity). In addition, Ruralco is a company that aims to provide various types of needs to rural and regional Australia.

Ruralco has 500 outlets across Australia and each of their businesses follows its own culture, service model and value.  The focus of Ruralco is to make their clients achieve their goals. Ruralco provides expertise in fertilizer, merchandise, wool, livestock, real estate, risk management, water, grain, finance and insurance. Ruralco tries to provide the best local service.

The link below shows a video about Ruralco and its history.


To know more information on Ruralco you can also visit its website and the link to its website is provided below.





8 thoughts on “About My Company

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. The corporate video is very interesting and i recommend everyone to watch it. Ruralco is an interesting business and i have learnt a lot by researching on it.



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