Reflection on Ruralco’s ratios

When I first read through step 1 of assignment 3 I felt a bit confused and was really worried about how I would go about completing this step. However, I read step 1 carefully again and I began to recall some knowledge which I had learnt about in relation to these ratios through reading the chapters from the study guide. Through the help of the study guide, lecture slides and my lecturer I seemed to be fine and definitely was able to gain more confidence than before.

In addition, calculating ratios for the last four years for my firm was not that difficult to do in excel. Excel was simple to navigate through and therefore I was also able to link it back to the numbers in my firm’s financial statements and restated financial statements without facing much problems.

It was very interesting to see how my firm was performing through the different ratios. The document attached provides a further understanding about what the ratios tell me about the performance of Ruralco, it also allows shows comparison between other firms ratios,  and aspects that I thought gave me these ratios for my firm.Ratio Analysis- Manisha Kapadia


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