My 3 favourite blogs

Below are the three blogs which I have selected as my three favorite blogs. I have visited so many blogs which made it really hard to decide which ones were my favorite. All of the blogs are very good and interesting but these three blogs are my favorites.

  • Suzanne Brock’s (suebee521) blog is one of my favorite blog that I have visited so far. It has a nice creative welcome page. In addition, her layout for the steps from assessment 1 is so perfect and understandable. The different types of articles on her company Noni B were so interesting. Overall, it shows that she has put a lot of effort into her blog and her effort shows to me which makes it one of my favorite blogs.
  • One of my other favorite blog was by Rayleen Galdal. Her blog was very detail and filled with information on her company and information based on the answers to questions of assessment 1. Her blog was very eye catching and is a blog where I learnt a lot and I am sure anyone else would as well. I got to know about what her company ‘The Big Air Group’ does. I got to know that it provides cloud-based solutions, managed services, and network infrastructure. Her layout of work in her blog makes it easier to understand about the company as well.
  • My other favorite blog is by Kayla Brabin. Her company is Mighty River Power Limited, which seems very interesting. On her blog she has been really creative and it makes people to read the information as soon as you’re on her blog. She has good information on her company and has done steps of assignment 1. She has also given interesting facts about her company which makes you want to know more about it. I like the idea of having an appealing blog which captures the visitor’s attention.

I have also commented on all three blogs and you see this by clicking on the links provided below.

4 thoughts on “My 3 favourite blogs

  1. What I think about your blog??: I like the introduction and also the blog lay out looks very clean and easy to read with fairly good content. The description of the company’s background was well-written and very informative. My only comment is if you could write a bit about herself in the ‘About’ section in the blog. Good luck in your studies 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting me blog and giving me a feedback. If you want to know about me you can go to the welcome page on my blog which provides a description on myself.


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