Reflection on Ruralco’s ratios

When I first read through step 1 of assignment 3 I felt a bit confused and was really worried about how I would go about completing this step. However, I read step 1 carefully again and I began to recall some knowledge which I had learnt about in relation to these ratios through reading the… Continue reading Reflection on Ruralco’s ratios

Reflection on Ruralco’s economic profit

ECONOMIC PROFIT (EP)     2015 2014 2013 2012 Economic profit (RNOA – cost of capital) x net operating assets (NOA) (7,687.3) (12,084.5) (19,537.5) (8,311.7) It was interesting to analyse Ruralco’s economic profit over the past four years as they all were large negative numbers. Even though all the economic profit measures were in negative… Continue reading Reflection on Ruralco’s economic profit

KCQ’S found after reading the 2015 Annual Report of Ruralco

What does underlying earnings before interest expense, tax and depreciation mean? What is underlying net profit after tax? A survey was undertaken by a new General Manager of People & Culture, Elizabeth Hardaker on an employee engagement survey across the group. The survey was a form of strategy the new general manager used because according… Continue reading KCQ’S found after reading the 2015 Annual Report of Ruralco


Welcome to Manisha Kapadia’s blog. Let me tell you a few things about myself. My name is Manisha Kapadia and i am a new student at Central Queensland University. I am currently studying Bachelor of Business from the Brisbane Campus. I am using this blog to communicate with other individuals studying using accounting for decision… Continue reading Welcome